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The University of Northern Iowa and Des Moines Area Community College have partnered to expand pathways to online degree completion opportunities for students located in and around Des Moines. This partnership expands on a 20+ year history of collaboration with the Elementary Education BA 2+2 program currently offered in Carroll and Ankeny. 

Six programs are currently available to DMACC students who wish to continue their education and complete a four-year degree, and all programs can be completed without the need to attend classes in Cedar Falls. Learn more about each of the programs below!

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This partnership provides DMACC students located in and around Des Moines the opportunity to complete a UNI degree without the need to attend classes in Cedar Falls. Students will enroll in UNI online classes upon completion of a DMACC associate's degree. The following degree completion pathways and a certificate programs are available at a distance (see details and program requirements below).

Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS)

This degree provides place-bound students with a convenient, flexible alternative to the traditional path to a bachelor's degree. The program is fully accredited and allows you to finish your degree from where you live. This broad-based liberal arts degree focuses on developing the skills students need to excel in the workforce.

Managing Business and Organizations Bachelor of Applied Science

Designed for Associate of Applied Science graduates, this degree completion program focuses on the development of knowledge and professional competencies needed to serve effectively in managerial and supervisory roles.

Female student working on a computer

Providing a seamless pathway to a bachelor's degree, this program is designed for Associate of Applied Science graduates and provides a solid background for career advancement in the fields of criminal justice, including corrections, courts, policing and private security.

Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts

Offering place-bound students a pathway to a bachelor's degree without having to leave their community, the Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts program prepares those with an associate's degree for a career in teaching.

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NEW! Prepares students for a variety of organizational roles by providing exposure to core business concepts, including accounting, management, sales, and marketing.

Human Services BA

NEW! Help individuals and families build skills for self-empowerment and understand best practices for their relationships and lives.

Technology Management BA

This program focuses on industry - its organization, resources, processes and management technologies - and incorporates an applied approach to critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.


Certificates and Professional Development:

Student at computer - Certificate in Chinese Studies

This certificate focuses on the study of Mandarin Chinese. Students will develop speaking fluency quickly while acquiring cross-cultural communication skills and knowledge of Chinese culture. This certificate can be taken alongside other majors or taken as a non-degree seeking student and completed within 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Student at computer - Certificate in Chinese Studies

Through well-rounded business courses, this certificate allows students to build skills and knowledge in accounting, business analysis, economics, law, marketing, finance, talent management and entrepreneurship. Students can earn an additional credential through this flexible, convenient pathway. 

Why UNI?

  • Degree programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of nontraditional students who cannot travel to Cedar Falls to attend classes on the UNI campus.

  • An advisor is assigned to each student and provides a highly individualized experience to assist students in navigating their journey to completing a bachelor's degree.

  • Distance students have access to UNI's entire set of support services that are designed to promote student success.

  • We strive to make high-quality degree completion opportunities as accessible to students as possible. Students in these programs pay UNI's standard tuition rate and minimal student fees. Financial Aid is also available.

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